These benefits of eco-friendly cornstarch tableware are worth admiring

Eco-friendly cornstarch tableware

Use of compostable tableware is increasing in leaps and bounds. This is indeed a positive response to the initiative taken by the Green movement. People are becoming more environment conscious and are taking one-step forward toward protecting the environment. Numerous businesses are also embracing the concept of going eco-friendly and are realizing the widespread benefits.

The food industry using eco friendly cornstarch tableware deserves special mention in this regard. Both takeaway and dine-out restaurants are using eco-friendly items like eco friendly bagasse plates and cornstarch cutlery.

Let’s consider the multifarious benefits of using biodegradable table accessories.

Meet the bioplastics

Biodegradable food accessories generally consist of raw materials like bagasse or cornstarch, wood pulp, and waste paper in their composition. A multifunctional egg tray making machine is perfect for preparing top-notch eco-friendly plates. These utensils are no doubt plastics, but with the difference that they are prepared from natural products used in agriculture. Hence, the name bioplastics. These bioplastics can decompose much faster than traditional petroleum-made plastics. This is the reason why people are confiding with this eco-friendly option in large numbers at present.

Benefits of compostable tableware

Using biodegradable food accessories like eco friendly cornstarch tableware brings in a lot of benefits. Here are few significant ones.

  • Hygiene: There is no chance of food contamination while using compostable tableware as they come pre-packed and are hygienic.
  • Lightweight: Eco friendly bagasse plates and other compostable cutlery are the best to carry and use in a family gathering. They are lightweight compared to the heavy metal utensils.
  • Stability: Generally, high-quality raw materials go into the egg tray making machine during the making of eco-friendly tableware. Hence, damage and breakage is out of the question.
  • Energy, money and time saving: Unlike traditional tableware, the biodegradable items help you to save time and water. There is no need of washing to keep them clean; you can just dispose of them in a suitable place. As a result, your energy bills will remain low.

Products like eco friendly bagasse plates and cornstarch tableware are perfect to limit environmental pollution. In order to help the environment survive, all you need is to use, reuse or recycle the biodegradable products.

To conclude, eco-friendly cornstarch tableware is a practical and cheap solution for children’s birthday evenings or barbecue nights. Multiple benefits of using these biodegradable cutleries will tempt you to prefer them more often.

Have you started trying the new and affordable eco-friendly disposable plates?

Eco-friendly disposable plates

Gone are those days when people would shop for anything. Nowadays, people have a settle inclination toward buying eco-friendly products to comply with environmental regulations. Nothing sounds better than embracing your biggest day with eco-friendly disposable plates. These plates will bring in a mesmerizing charm to your wedding and impart it an eco-friendly look. Moreover, they help you to bid adieu to all plastic made disposables. This particular in itself is quite beneficial as even the infinitesimal amount of plastic might can turn out to be carcinogenic and prove fatal to you.

Eco-friendly plates are mostly handmade products, and hence you can always ensure yourself about the quality of raw materials used. After extraction, the raw materials undergo long hours of heating treatment. This stage helps in the removal of all dirt, dust and all forms of microorganisms. Lastly, the manufacturer molds them into smooth edges with a shiny and polished surface under GMP compliance.

Other important eco-friendly products

Egg tray making machines

As there are different brands for egg tray machines, it becomes tricky to opt for the best one. Manual variety of egg tray machines can lower your overall cost investment. If you need a machine, which works with higher efficiency, you can opt for a semi-automatic drying line. Fully automatic egg machines are also available. Your choice of machine depends on your needsand your investment. The capacity of an automatic egg tray machines ranges between 5500 to 7500 pieces per hour; for semi-automatic, it is 2000 to 5000 pieces per hour, and finally, manual machines produce 1500 in an hour.

Cornstarch cutlery:

Cornstarch cutleries are perfect alternatives to the so-called traditional plastic-based utensils. The base of most of these cutleries is PLA. Under the PLA system, corn-starch converts into a polymer to give it a definite texture. Also, they are less toxic yet highly durable. Made from a renewable source, they are just elegant in their appearance.

To sum up, buying disposable home-use items such as eco-friendly disposable plates are safer to use, durable and highly affordable for everyone. It is hence high time to start using them and bid adieu to the old and not so environment friendly plates. While they are good for the environment, they also save from putting a hole in your pocket. Egg tray machine are equally eco-friendly options that you should try at the earnest.

Business makeover using eco-friendly products and technology

Eco-friendly products

The modern lifestyles call for a higher level of environmental awareness as well as responsibility towards the planet. And that was the initial thought behind shifting to natural biodegradable products within various industries like packaging, food services like restaurants, grocery stores etc. However, with the increased use of these eco-friendly products, company owners have also begun to realize the other business benefits that come with the same. Read on to know more about these products and how they can give your business the desired facelift.

Benefits of using environment-friendly products

Well, what can be said about the need and importance of using environment- friendly products like cornstarch cutlery or eco-friendly disposable plates and tableware that’s already not been documented a hundred times over! The word “eco-friendly” is self-explanatory. It speaks of the careful considerations that have been put into selecting recyclable materials in order to preserve the natural resources to a considerable extent. It also brings forth the thoughts behind manufacturing products that are completely biodegradable, easy to decompose and hence do not end up polluting the planet.

And that’s not all. The benefits of using these eco-friendly products on human health are equally well documented. Unlike plastics which contain chemicals that are hazardous to human health, eco-friendly disposable plates made out of materials like bagasse or cornstarch cutlery are completely organic and are made without using toxic chemicals during production and are hence totally safe for use within the food and packaging industry.

Similarly, incorporating egg tray machines (with the capacity to recycle paper) within a related business can help pave the way towards a greener future!

The business benefits

Business benefits – that’s a priority term for all business owners when they decide to consider a new product or machinery. So how does switching to a green way of production help your business grow? The first impact that comes is the improvement in the brand image of a company. With more and more buyers preferring to go for eco-friendly products, these green products like eco-friendly disposable plates and tableware or cornstarch cutlery can create a positive brand image for your company. Being mindful of the environmental issues and switching to renewable and recyclable resources can help you reach out to more clients in a world that’s realizing the importance of green living.

Similarly, egg production businesses can see a huge surge in productivity when choosing to invest with an egg tray machine supplier for a high-quality machine. With the egg tray machine’s ability to recycle used paper and paper products as well as its high productivity levels, the requirement for labor can be significantly reduced leading to huge cost savings for the business.

Every single step taken towards a sustainable future is of immense value to the planet. And there couldn’t be a better scenario than you contributing your share towards environmental protection while seeing your business reap the benefits!

Opt for Biodegradable Products and Reduce Environmental Hazards

Biodegradable Products

There is literary no count of the eggs consumed all over the world on daily basis, but dealers make sure to fulfill the requirement, and in the course, make heavy use of egg trays. Various companies that manufacture Egg trays use recycled paper, which is the reason why egg tray making machine is highly in demand. These products are highly durable and of good quality.

Since the manufacturers use recycled material to create these egg-trays, they are quiet in demand as well. Realizing the current situation of our environment, we should prefer eco-friendly products like these egg trays to other options.

Biodegradable Food service products

Numerous businesses provide biodegradable food services like eco-friendly disposable plates, cornstarch cutlery and more. When you start using such products, you will realize the importance of it. One plastic bottle takes 1000 years to decompose. Environment friendly materials like cornstarch, sugarcane and bamboo must find heavy use in the manufacturing of these products. This is for the reason that they save green trees and hence contribute to a healthy environment.

Using cornstarch cutlery and eco-friendly disposable plates accompany many benefits, here are few imminent ones.

  • Hygienic: These products are highly hygienic and always pre-packed, which protects the food from contamination.
  • Lightweight: Products like eco-friendly disposable plates and cornstarch cutlery are best thing to carry when you have a family gathering or a picnic. This is hence definitely a benefit as compared to those heavy metals.
  • Durability: The makers generally use high quality material to create disposable tableware and eco-friendly. Hence, breaking or damaged product is not an option.
  • Saves money, time and Energy: It is clearly a win point in comparison to the traditional tableware. These products help you to save water and time. Moreover, they do not require washing either; you can dispose them away easily. Lastly, they make considerable savings on your energy bills.

To conclude, products like eco-friendly plates and cornstarch cutlery can help appreciably in limiting the environmental pollution. By using biodegradable products or by reusing or recycling, composting or biodegrading these products will stop the pollution and you do not have to do much to help the environment.

So let’s make this world a better place to live with the use of environment-savvy products only. This will ultimately help us as well as our forthcoming generations to breathe to live happily ever after.

Increase Revenues and Earn Respect with Multi-Purpose Egg Tray Machine

Egg Tray Machine

Do you want to become a supplier of disposable tableware and earn a steady stream of revenue? Well, here’s a solution that can help you increase profits, protect the environment and earn society’s respect – supply ecofriendly disposable plates and other types of tableware.

Demerits of Using Disposable Plastic Tableware

A majority of disposable tableware consists of products made from plastic. Here’s the hard truth – plastic takes decades to decompose and releases toxins into the environment when not disposed in the correct manner. Countries all over the world are either banning plastic tableware or promoting the use of eco-friendly alternatives such as bagasse/cornstarch plates, bowls, cups, meal boxes and trays. Cornstarch cutlery is fast replacing plastic spoons, forks and knives.

Advantages of Eco-Friendly Tableware

Ecofriendly disposable plates made from cornstarch or bagasse have gained widespread acceptance. Firstly, both these raw materials are freely available in nature. They are biodegradable and sustainable resources. They do not pollute the environment – when composted, cornstarch cutlery can dissolve within ninety days. Disposable food service products made from these eco-friendly materials are strong and sturdy. Cornstarch plates are water-resistant and oil-resistant, so they do not present any problems of leakages and awkward handling.

Customize Products According to Needs

A single machine can create different types of eco-friendly tableware including cornstarch cutlery, plates, bowls, cups and meal boxes. You can create them in a wide range of designs and sizes to suit your application. For added protection, you can film coat bagasse tableware so that it doesn’t become soggy when in contact with hot liquids. It is also possible to brand these items with labels and logo imprinting. You can either choose to have a manufacturer produce these items to your specifications or you can purchase equipment and start your own business of supplying eco-friendly tableware.

Partner Egg Tray Machine Supplier

You can also diversify your business to supply egg trays. Egg trays made from waste paper and wood pulp is lucrative investment opportunities. With a few changes to equipment, the same machine used for manufacturing eco-friendly tableware can be leveraged to produce egg trays. This increases the utility of the machine. In fact, you can go on to make different items such as fruit trays, apple trays, wine bottle holders, electronic packaging material and much more.

Start your eco-friendly, profit-generating venture by collaborating with one of China’s most respected egg tray machine suppliers!

Reduce Carbon Footprint with Easily Compostable Cornstarch Cutlery

eco-friendly cornstarch tableware

Did you know that single-use plastic tableware contributes to millions of tonnes of plastic waste every year? If you are concerned about reducing carbon footprint, switch to eco-friendly cornstarch tableware. Read on to know more about the benefits of cornstarch tableware.

Drawbacks of Traditional Disposable Tableware

Disposable tableware is usually made from paper or plastic, both of which are not the best environment-friendly options. Paper is sourced from wood and involves cutting down trees, resulting in a shrinking of the earth’s green cover. Plastic takes a long time to degrade and leaks toxins into the earth which ultimately find their way back into the food chain. In such a scenario, eco-friendly cornstarch tableware is not only a good alternate solution; it is the need of the hour.

Versatile Applications and Quick Composting

Cornstarch tableware is made from corn, a raw material that is widely available in nature. Along with cornstarch, other materials such as eco-friendly polymers such as PP or PLA are added to make cornstarch tableware sturdy. Cornstarch cutlery looks and feels like traditional plastic cutlery. Cornstarch tableware can sustain a wide range of temperatures, so it has myriad applications ranging from freezing to microwave heating. With cornstarch tableware, there is no danger of water or oil leaking. The best part is that the tableware is compostable and dissolves within ninety days, leaving no waste trail.

Available in Appealing Designs

Cornstarch cutlery as well as cornstarch tableware is available in an extensive array of attractive designs. Cutlery made from cornstarch commonly includes spoons, forks and knives in ergonomic designs. Cornstarch tableware includes different products such as plates, bowls, cups and meal boxes. They are popularly used by restaurants, hotels, hospitals and catering businesses. Some studies indicate plastic tableware items can impact health by leaking toxins when they come in contact with hot food. This problem is eliminated with cornstarch tableware.

For Cost-Effective Solutions, Choose China

Cornstarch tableware may not be as affordable as disposable plastic tableware, but there’s a solution for this. Interested customers can purchase from reliable Chinese suppliers. As you may know, China is a global manufacturing hub offering multi-purpose solutions such as egg tray making machine that can also produce eco-friendly tableware with a few adjustments. Labeling, logo imprinting and special packaging are just some customization options that customers can avail to fulfil their particular needs.

Impress your customers and protect the environment – invest in renewable, environment-friendly cornstarch tableware!

Start a Profitable Business with Egg Tray and Eco-friendly Tableware Solutions

Eco-friendly Tableware

Interested in an entrepreneurship opportunity that delivers high and steady profit margin? Egg trays, egg boxes, apple boxes and ecofriendly bagasse plates are high-demand products used in the food service industry today. With a one-time investment in an egg tray/bagasse plate production system, you can reap attractive profits for many years to come.

Understand Egg Tray Production Process

Egg tray production line consists of three working systems – pulping, shaping and drying. At the pulping stage, waste paper or other raw material is crushed and mixed with water to get a slurry. Water proof chemicals and color dyes can be added at this stage. The shaping system is the most critical one in the egg tray production line. Different types of products such as egg boxes, egg trays and apple boxes can be made by choosing the right mold. After this comes the drying system which completely removes moisture from the semi-finished products.

End-to-End Solutions

You will also need packing section and assistance equipment for a complete production solution. To get good returns from your investment, it’s important that the egg tray machine and other production equipment is cost-effective, efficient and of high quality. Besides, spare parts such as sieves for vibration screen, pump motors, mold meshes and dryer steel mesh among others should be easily available to ensure hassle-free maintenance. It’s better to invest in an egg tray production line that uses computer-programmed production processes for top quality results.

Benefits of Bagasse Plates

The same pulping system used for an egg tray machine can also be used for making bagasse plates and other kinds of bagasse tableware. Bagasse plates are quite popular today because they are disposable, economical and eco-friendly. They are made from the dry residue of sugarcane from which juice has been extracted or from wheat straw. Bagasse plates are sturdier than normal paper plates and can take on hot, cold, wet and oily foods. Moreover, they are compostable after use.

Purchase from Manufacturer and Save Costs

Eco-friendly bagasse plates can be molded into all sorts of shapes and sizes. Bagasse plate production line includes several processes including pulping, forming, shaping, drying, edge trimming, sterilization and packaging for which a wide variety of equipment is required. Customers who do not have capital to invest in the complete production line can consider purchasing these plates directly from the supplier. They can select from a wide range of models and avail customization options such as custom shapes and logo imprinting.

Get in touch with one of China’s most reputed suppliers of high-tech, cost effective egg tray machines and eco-friendly disposable tableware to kick start your business venture!

Egg Tray Machine – Creating eco-friendly products for a greener environment

eco-friendly products

Mother Nature has given many resources, which are slowly depleting with over usage and passage of time.Therefore, using them sensibly is the need of the hour. Going eco-friendly is the way to save the precious resources bestowed upon us by the Mother Nature. Beijing Mercurius Technology Co. Ltd., a renowned supplier of egg tray machines, understands the importance of these precious nature gifts. Working under the banner of ‘Egg tray machine’, the company commits itself to save these precious resources by developing eco-friendly products such as bagasse tableware and cornstarch cutlery.

Eco-friendly way to serve food

Bagasse comes from sugarcane fibres left after extraction of sugar and have properties similar to paper. The tablewares made from bagasse are great for holding all type of foods, including cold as well as hot items. These tablewares are durable, strong and make a good source of sustainable substance for serving and packing food. The company produces bagasse tablewares such as plates, bowls and cups, meal boxes, trays and other eco-friendly items, as they are safe for serving and packing food items.

100% biodegradable material

The cutlery produced by the company using cornstarch – an eco-friendly material, is another way to contribute in saving natural resources. The material used to create cornstarch cutlery and tableware is 100% biodegradable. Hence, these products are easy to dissolve underground and can reduce environment pollution appreciably. Besides, the material is highly durable, safe and does not harm human health. The company can also produce these eco-friendly items as per the specific requirements of the clients.

Durable packaging items

The reputed company holds specialization in manufacturing egg tray machines. These equipment are ripe for producing molded fiber packaging items such as egg boxes, egg trays, wine bottle trays, apple trays, computer packaging items, etc. These computer programmed machines utilize all types of disposable material such as waster paper, virgin pulp, newspaper, and carton box.They can also design the egg production line as per the specific client needs.

An eco-friendly company

To minimize the mounting pollution in the vicinity, the need is to create an increased number of eco-friendly and biodegradable products. By creating bagasse tableware, cornstarch cutleryand similar other environment friendly products, Beijing Mercurius is contributing its bit to this noble cause appreciably. The company is helping in saving the precious resources of the Nature by using natural resources in the creation of these products. Hence, if you are equally nature loving, you would prefer buying its products more often.



How is Bagasse Tableware the Most Suitable Foodservice Product?

Bagasse Tableware

Bagasse, made from sugarcane, is a widely used material for the production of tableware. In comparison with other material, bagasse tableware is more environment-friendly, as it can be recycled easily. The material that has a longer lifespan than other material can be used to make a number of products such as biodegradable and disposable cups, containers, bowls, and plates.

When it comes to the manufacturing of these foodservice products, sugarcane bagasse is remolded to a kind of paper that is used for making biodegradable cups, plates, and glasses. Lightweight, recyclability, and other unique attributes of the material make it the most preferred choice of packaging food products. Disposable cups are specifically designed to hold both cold and hot substances, which is another reason that these are widely required in the global food and beverage industry. However, many times the disposable cups are made from plastic material in order to decrease the chances of food contamination. Since the use of such plastic cups impacts the environment negatively, it is important to shift the focus to other available environment-friendly foodservice products like bagasse tableware, etc.

Key Attributes

  • Economic
  • Hygienic
  • Environment-friendly
  • Sturdier than paper plates
  • Water repellent and grease-proof
  • Good thermal property
  • Suitable for hot and cold food
  • Made from recyclable sugarcane
  • Commercially compostable

The above-cited attributes indicate the predicted increase in the demand for the material in the years to come. Easy availability of these products at a reasonable price is likely to increase the popularity of these products. The demand for these products is also likely to increase in the future due to the convenience of meals consumed away from home. Apart from flexibility in the meal options, people look for speed and convenience. Disposable cups and plates made from sugarcane bagasse fulfill the requirements in the best manner.

When it comes to making egg trays using a fine material, you need to have a superior-quality machine, for which you can only rely upon a reputable egg tray machine supplier. People find it problematic using the egg trays available in the supermarket, as they don’t prevent the small-sized eggs from scrolling inside the little space. However, you can steer clear of such problems by getting an egg tray machine to manufacture egg trays with an adjustable design.

What are the Important Factors to Consider While Purchasing Egg Tray Machines?

Egg Tray Machines

Purchasing an egg tray machine is a great way to launch a new business or increase the production capacity of your existing business. Apart from the huge demand for the well-made egg trays, these machines also give you a chance to recycle paper. Consequently, you get the opportunity to earn money while doing something rewarding for the environment. There are several reasons for the popularity of these machines. While it can be a little challenging to find a reliable egg tray machine supplier, you can do a little research in order to have a good egg tray production line for your business.

Find an Egg Tray Machine Supplier

Generally, the simplest way to find an egg tray machine is through the internet. This way, you are able to connect with suppliers and distributors located all around the world and not just in your locality. With a huge range of egg tray machines available to you, you can choose the best one that suits you once you have the right egg tray machine supplier. Having a lot of options for the suppliers, you will find the deal worth your money even if you have to pay the shipping costs for the machine.

Factors to Consider

  • While starting your search for the best supplier, you should know if you need a machine that is operated manually or the one that automates the entire process for the egg tray production line. It is an important factor to consider while purchasing the machine, as the price of both types of machines can differ. You can choose a product depending on your needs and budget.
  • The size of the machine is another factor you need to consider while purchasing the egg tray machine from a supplier. Some bigger automated machines are very bulky and won’t be suitable for you if you don’t have that much space in your factory. As you wouldn’t want to buy bulky machines unless you have a large space available, it’s important to check the size of the machine in advance to get the suitable product.
  • You should look at the number of egg trays that a machine can produce in an hour. Considering this will help you get a relatively fair idea of how many trays will be produced on a daily basis. Further, this will also help you figure out your maximum earning potential to understand the monetary benefits.