Egg Tray Machine – Creating eco-friendly products for a greener environment

eco-friendly products

Mother Nature has given many resources, which are slowly depleting with over usage and passage of time.Therefore, using them sensibly is the need of the hour. Going eco-friendly is the way to save the precious resources bestowed upon us by the Mother Nature. Beijing Mercurius Technology Co. Ltd., a renowned supplier of egg tray machines, understands the importance of these precious nature gifts. Working under the banner of ‘Egg tray machine’, the company commits itself to save these precious resources by developing eco-friendly products such as bagasse tableware and cornstarch cutlery.

Eco-friendly way to serve food

Bagasse comes from sugarcane fibres left after extraction of sugar and have properties similar to paper. The tablewares made from bagasse are great for holding all type of foods, including cold as well as hot items. These tablewares are durable, strong and make a good source of sustainable substance for serving and packing food. The company produces bagasse tablewares such as plates, bowls and cups, meal boxes, trays and other eco-friendly items, as they are safe for serving and packing food items.

100% biodegradable material

The cutlery produced by the company using cornstarch – an eco-friendly material, is another way to contribute in saving natural resources. The material used to create cornstarch cutlery and tableware is 100% biodegradable. Hence, these products are easy to dissolve underground and can reduce environment pollution appreciably. Besides, the material is highly durable, safe and does not harm human health. The company can also produce these eco-friendly items as per the specific requirements of the clients.

Durable packaging items

The reputed company holds specialization in manufacturing egg tray machines. These equipment are ripe for producing molded fiber packaging items such as egg boxes, egg trays, wine bottle trays, apple trays, computer packaging items, etc. These computer programmed machines utilize all types of disposable material such as waster paper, virgin pulp, newspaper, and carton box.They can also design the egg production line as per the specific client needs.

An eco-friendly company

To minimize the mounting pollution in the vicinity, the need is to create an increased number of eco-friendly and biodegradable products. By creating bagasse tableware, cornstarch cutleryand similar other environment friendly products, Beijing Mercurius is contributing its bit to this noble cause appreciably. The company is helping in saving the precious resources of the Nature by using natural resources in the creation of these products. Hence, if you are equally nature loving, you would prefer buying its products more often.



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