How is Bagasse Tableware the Most Suitable Foodservice Product?

Bagasse Tableware

Bagasse, made from sugarcane, is a widely used material for the production of tableware. In comparison with other material, bagasse tableware is more environment-friendly, as it can be recycled easily. The material that has a longer lifespan than other material can be used to make a number of products such as biodegradable and disposable cups, containers, bowls, and plates.

When it comes to the manufacturing of these foodservice products, sugarcane bagasse is remolded to a kind of paper that is used for making biodegradable cups, plates, and glasses. Lightweight, recyclability, and other unique attributes of the material make it the most preferred choice of packaging food products. Disposable cups are specifically designed to hold both cold and hot substances, which is another reason that these are widely required in the global food and beverage industry. However, many times the disposable cups are made from plastic material in order to decrease the chances of food contamination. Since the use of such plastic cups impacts the environment negatively, it is important to shift the focus to other available environment-friendly foodservice products like bagasse tableware, etc.

Key Attributes

  • Economic
  • Hygienic
  • Environment-friendly
  • Sturdier than paper plates
  • Water repellent and grease-proof
  • Good thermal property
  • Suitable for hot and cold food
  • Made from recyclable sugarcane
  • Commercially compostable

The above-cited attributes indicate the predicted increase in the demand for the material in the years to come. Easy availability of these products at a reasonable price is likely to increase the popularity of these products. The demand for these products is also likely to increase in the future due to the convenience of meals consumed away from home. Apart from flexibility in the meal options, people look for speed and convenience. Disposable cups and plates made from sugarcane bagasse fulfill the requirements in the best manner.

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