Reduce Carbon Footprint with Easily Compostable Cornstarch Cutlery

eco-friendly cornstarch tableware

Did you know that single-use plastic tableware contributes to millions of tonnes of plastic waste every year? If you are concerned about reducing carbon footprint, switch to eco-friendly cornstarch tableware. Read on to know more about the benefits of cornstarch tableware.

Drawbacks of Traditional Disposable Tableware

Disposable tableware is usually made from paper or plastic, both of which are not the best environment-friendly options. Paper is sourced from wood and involves cutting down trees, resulting in a shrinking of the earth’s green cover. Plastic takes a long time to degrade and leaks toxins into the earth which ultimately find their way back into the food chain. In such a scenario, eco-friendly cornstarch tableware is not only a good alternate solution; it is the need of the hour.

Versatile Applications and Quick Composting

Cornstarch tableware is made from corn, a raw material that is widely available in nature. Along with cornstarch, other materials such as eco-friendly polymers such as PP or PLA are added to make cornstarch tableware sturdy. Cornstarch cutlery looks and feels like traditional plastic cutlery. Cornstarch tableware can sustain a wide range of temperatures, so it has myriad applications ranging from freezing to microwave heating. With cornstarch tableware, there is no danger of water or oil leaking. The best part is that the tableware is compostable and dissolves within ninety days, leaving no waste trail.

Available in Appealing Designs

Cornstarch cutlery as well as cornstarch tableware is available in an extensive array of attractive designs. Cutlery made from cornstarch commonly includes spoons, forks and knives in ergonomic designs. Cornstarch tableware includes different products such as plates, bowls, cups and meal boxes. They are popularly used by restaurants, hotels, hospitals and catering businesses. Some studies indicate plastic tableware items can impact health by leaking toxins when they come in contact with hot food. This problem is eliminated with cornstarch tableware.

For Cost-Effective Solutions, Choose China

Cornstarch tableware may not be as affordable as disposable plastic tableware, but there’s a solution for this. Interested customers can purchase from reliable Chinese suppliers. As you may know, China is a global manufacturing hub offering multi-purpose solutions such as egg tray making machine that can also produce eco-friendly tableware with a few adjustments. Labeling, logo imprinting and special packaging are just some customization options that customers can avail to fulfil their particular needs.

Impress your customers and protect the environment – invest in renewable, environment-friendly cornstarch tableware!

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