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Business makeover using eco-friendly products and technology

The modern lifestyles call for a higher level of environmental awareness as well as responsibility towards the planet. And that was the initial thought behind shifting to natural biodegradable products within various industries like packaging, food services like restaurants, grocery stores etc. However, with the increased use of these eco-friendly products, company owners have also […]

Opt for Biodegradable Products and Reduce Environmental Hazards

There is literary no count of the eggs consumed all over the world on daily basis, but dealers make sure to fulfill the requirement, and in the course, make heavy use of egg trays. Various companies that manufacture Egg trays use recycled paper, which is the reason why egg tray making machine is highly in […]

Increase Revenues and Earn Respect with Multi-Purpose Egg Tray Machine

Do you want to become a supplier of disposable tableware and earn a steady stream of revenue? Well, here’s a solution that can help you increase profits, protect the environment and earn society’s respect – supply ecofriendly disposable plates and other types of tableware. Demerits of Using Disposable Plastic Tableware A majority of disposable tableware […]

Reduce Carbon Footprint with Easily Compostable Cornstarch Cutlery

Did you know that single-use plastic tableware contributes to millions of tonnes of plastic waste every year? If you are concerned about reducing carbon footprint, switch to eco-friendly cornstarch tableware. Read on to know more about the benefits of cornstarch tableware. Drawbacks of Traditional Disposable Tableware Disposable tableware is usually made from paper or plastic, […]

Egg Tray Machine – Creating eco-friendly products for a greener environment

Mother Nature has given many resources, which are slowly depleting with over usage and passage of time.Therefore, using them sensibly is the need of the hour. Going eco-friendly is the way to save the precious resources bestowed upon us by the Mother Nature. Beijing Mercurius Technology Co. Ltd., a renowned supplier of egg tray machines, […]