Increase Revenues and Earn Respect with Multi-Purpose Egg Tray Machine

Egg Tray Machine

Do you want to become a supplier of disposable tableware and earn a steady stream of revenue? Well, here’s a solution that can help you increase profits, protect the environment and earn society’s respect – supply ecofriendly disposable plates and other types of tableware.

Demerits of Using Disposable Plastic Tableware

A majority of disposable tableware consists of products made from plastic. Here’s the hard truth – plastic takes decades to decompose and releases toxins into the environment when not disposed in the correct manner. Countries all over the world are either banning plastic tableware or promoting the use of eco-friendly alternatives such as bagasse/cornstarch plates, bowls, cups, meal boxes and trays. Cornstarch cutlery is fast replacing plastic spoons, forks and knives.

Advantages of Eco-Friendly Tableware

Ecofriendly disposable plates made from cornstarch or bagasse have gained widespread acceptance. Firstly, both these raw materials are freely available in nature. They are biodegradable and sustainable resources. They do not pollute the environment – when composted, cornstarch cutlery can dissolve within ninety days. Disposable food service products made from these eco-friendly materials are strong and sturdy. Cornstarch plates are water-resistant and oil-resistant, so they do not present any problems of leakages and awkward handling.

Customize Products According to Needs

A single machine can create different types of eco-friendly tableware including cornstarch cutlery, plates, bowls, cups and meal boxes. You can create them in a wide range of designs and sizes to suit your application. For added protection, you can film coat bagasse tableware so that it doesn’t become soggy when in contact with hot liquids. It is also possible to brand these items with labels and logo imprinting. You can either choose to have a manufacturer produce these items to your specifications or you can purchase equipment and start your own business of supplying eco-friendly tableware.

Partner Egg Tray Machine Supplier

You can also diversify your business to supply egg trays. Egg trays made from waste paper and wood pulp is lucrative investment opportunities. With a few changes to equipment, the same machine used for manufacturing eco-friendly tableware can be leveraged to produce egg trays. This increases the utility of the machine. In fact, you can go on to make different items such as fruit trays, apple trays, wine bottle holders, electronic packaging material and much more.

Start your eco-friendly, profit-generating venture by collaborating with one of China’s most respected egg tray machine suppliers!

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