Start a Profitable Business with Egg Tray and Eco-friendly Tableware Solutions

Eco-friendly Tableware

Interested in an entrepreneurship opportunity that delivers high and steady profit margin? Egg trays, egg boxes, apple boxes and ecofriendly bagasse plates are high-demand products used in the food service industry today. With a one-time investment in an egg tray/bagasse plate production system, you can reap attractive profits for many years to come.

Understand Egg Tray Production Process

Egg tray production line consists of three working systems – pulping, shaping and drying. At the pulping stage, waste paper or other raw material is crushed and mixed with water to get a slurry. Water proof chemicals and color dyes can be added at this stage. The shaping system is the most critical one in the egg tray production line. Different types of products such as egg boxes, egg trays and apple boxes can be made by choosing the right mold. After this comes the drying system which completely removes moisture from the semi-finished products.

End-to-End Solutions

You will also need packing section and assistance equipment for a complete production solution. To get good returns from your investment, it’s important that the egg tray machine and other production equipment is cost-effective, efficient and of high quality. Besides, spare parts such as sieves for vibration screen, pump motors, mold meshes and dryer steel mesh among others should be easily available to ensure hassle-free maintenance. It’s better to invest in an egg tray production line that uses computer-programmed production processes for top quality results.

Benefits of Bagasse Plates

The same pulping system used for an egg tray machine can also be used for making bagasse plates and other kinds of bagasse tableware. Bagasse plates are quite popular today because they are disposable, economical and eco-friendly. They are made from the dry residue of sugarcane from which juice has been extracted or from wheat straw. Bagasse plates are sturdier than normal paper plates and can take on hot, cold, wet and oily foods. Moreover, they are compostable after use.

Purchase from Manufacturer and Save Costs

Eco-friendly bagasse plates can be molded into all sorts of shapes and sizes. Bagasse plate production line includes several processes including pulping, forming, shaping, drying, edge trimming, sterilization and packaging for which a wide variety of equipment is required. Customers who do not have capital to invest in the complete production line can consider purchasing these plates directly from the supplier. They can select from a wide range of models and avail customization options such as custom shapes and logo imprinting.

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